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Scene Info

Double Down

  • Updated 10-07-2016 |
  • Length 04:00 min |
  • Size 1 MB |
  • Images 39 |
Starring Violet, Rose
Categories Fetish

Under the unyielding hand of Zacharia and the stinging touch of Violet, Rose can only remain still as her young, tender skin is adorned with hot wax, caressed with liquid fire then punished harshly by revengeful leather. While elsewhere in the dungeons of Wasteland, Mistress Lilith has sweet innocent Leila nestled uncomfortably in her presence as she pokes, crops and torments her tender young flesh with anything she can get her hands on. Leila endures what she can, but inevitably is forced to bring her Mistress to climax, before she can reap her reward. Lot’s of action in this weeks update – Double Down.